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Diana Ross / Eaten Alive

Diana Ross / Eaten Alive

Diana Ross' 16th studio album "Eaten Alive" was her fifth RCA album finds her working with the Gibbs brothers for a highly enjoyable R&B album. Eaten Alive which came out in 1985 sounds very much like a product of the 80s but one that holds up well and is still enjoyable some 26 years later. The album opens with the explosive and very catchy Michael Jackson assisted title tacked which feature kicking drums (or drum machines) ad equally dynamics vocals from back Diana and Michael (with voice being clearly heard at the end). The next track is the very sexy sounding "Oh Teacher" which is one of the most erotic vocal displays from Ms Ross.
Track four is the very retro 1960 sounding "Chain Reaction" which would easily fit into a Supreme compilation. Track nine "Crime of Passion" which opens with swirling synths and a killer guitar riff features a lively performance by Diana Ross. Other tracks of notice are "(I Love) Being in Love With You" and "Don't Give Up on Each Other". The only really bad tracks here are "Experience" and "More and More" where she sounds flat out bored with the material. Overall a really solid release.

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